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Shyness/Anxiety Study

Shy personality disorder and Social anxiety syndrome can had far reaching negative effect on those who suffer from these types of conditions. Individuals who feel like they may have one of these conditions, usually have difficulty in social


Mental Fog/Confusion Study

A lack of mental clarity can be considered a mental fog or a persistent confusion. As most people get older, some cognitive capacities may diminish with time. Part of the natural aging process involves some natural cognitive decline. If you have


Acne/Pimples Study

Acne is the medical term for pimples and whiteheads on the skin. Acne is most commonly found on the face, back and chest, but it can also occur anywhere on the body. Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands become clogged with dirt, oil, skin cells, and bacteria.


Chronic Muscle Fatigue Study

If you have muscles that are constantly sore, and rest does not seem to have a rejuvenating effect. If you suffer from the symptoms described, you may have chronic muscle fatigue syndrome. After strenuous exercise, muscles will feel sore for a day or two


Vision Blur/Device Use Study

A fairly new condition that doctors are treating is related to mobile electronics use and abuse. Vision can be compromised by prolonged exposure to bright light, reading or looking intently at an object that is less than 12 inches from your face and not


Posture Survey

Mankind has struggled with poor posture since we were cast from the trees and canopy of the jungle and cast out into the grassy plains in search of more abundant food sources. Walking upright, in opposition to gravity takes a toll on the human back that


Addictive Behavior Study

Addictive behavior can have serious, detrimental effects on the individual who has the addiction. Addiction can occur to substances like nicotine, and other drugs. It can manifest as addiction to behaviors and routines that may seem impossible to overcome.


Mobile Device Addiction Survey

Phase I of this study will be gathering information in order to better design the clinical research study for use in treating mobile device addiction. If you use a mobile phone, and find that you are checking it more than you would like to, contact us to


Coffee Research Study

Coffee is grown around the world and used by billions of people. When one thinks of the health consequences of coffee, it is usually deemed to be bad for a healthy lifestyle. Caffeine is a stimulant, and research has shown that caffeine can have adverse health


Diet & Food Choices Study

Nutrition science is a data driven area of research. Scientific knowledge of nutrition has evolved over time, each decade reveals new conceptions of how to obtain optimal nutrition. Recent studies have revealed that there is no one size fits all approach to nutrition.


Breast Cancer Risk Study

This study is open to all healthy female volunteers. Researchers have identified certain genetic markers that can identify risk factors. Healthy females with a family history of breast cancer are highly recommended to join this study.


Upper Respiratory Illness Study

There are a number of conditions that can effect the pulmonary system. Some of these conditions include: Bronchitis, a swelling or inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Asthma, where airways narrow, swell, and produce mucus. Viral and