Addictive Behavior Clinical Study


Addictive Behavior Study

Addictive behavior can have serious, detrimental effects of the individual who has the addiction. Addiction can occur to substances like nicotine, and other drugs. It can manifest as addiction to behaviors and routines that may seem impossible to overcome.

It can also occur to with the use of foods, social media, television, reading news stories, or Internet use. Negative effects are felt by the subject and close personal relations. Mycillium derived extracts have shown to be promising at quelling addictive behavior. This process is believed to act like a “reset button” in regards to addictive behavior. Treatment is expected to be quick acting and long lasting. If you suffer form any form of addiction and would like to participate in a clinical study, contact us today.

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Study Details
  • Detail: A study to discover the effectivness of an addiction treatment
  • Duration: 3 Weeks (5 Visits)
  • Compensation: $4200
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